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Programming & Development

Programming & Development

C#.Net, MVC
JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap

I'm an educated developer, having worked about 8 of my 12 years in backend-development, whereof 3 with system architecture and design patterns. I feel very confident that I can contribute with the right set of skills that you need for your project, regardless if you need a quite doer or a loud and driven tech lead.

My primary focus is Microsoft technologies; C#.Net MSSQL, Entity Framework. Secondarily, I use PHP5 (object-oriented, preferably CakePHP) and mySQL.
I see myself as a full-stack developer, but with a much heavier focus towards backend development.

I am used to working in a team of developers, as well as working alone. Regardless of how the team composition is, I prefer working with SCRUM and KANAN as project management and planning. This makes the entire project very visible, and you can easily see where you're at from a very early stage. 
For a short introduction to KANBAN, click here.



Anything from technically creating plugins to strategically profiling and communicate with your customers in order to increase up-sales and cross-sales; if you can explain your needs, I can most likely create it! - and if you don't know what you need, I'd be happy to suggest something profitable!

For me, E-Commerce is like a buffet of information waiting to be processed. Looking at customers behaviors, you can relatively easily create very good cross-sales and up-sales, as well as improving customer retention!

This concept is very broad, but please read under the tabs "Marketing" and "Specializations" for more details, or simply get in touch, and I'll be happy to explain with a personalized example.



I have worked with several CMS systems, but only stayed with one of them, and that is Umbraco. The system is open source (free), and is a great bridge between marketing and IT. Its flexibility, extendibility and administrability makes Umbraco a very appreciated system for many smaller and mid-sized businesses.

Throughout the years, I've developed a few API-bridges and integrations between Umbraco, TeaCommerce (e-commerce plugin in Umbraco) and customers back-office solution.

Infront AS, Nynäshamns Bostäder, RomyFoods and my own web site are all fueled by Umbraco!

If you need a solid CMS for your website, I'd be happy to help.

Marketing Services

Email marketing

Campaign management
Customer segmentation
Data integration and automation
Evaluation of statistics
A/B- / multivariatiant-testning
More advanced concept

Email is a very important tool for keeping in touch with your existing customers and done correctly, increasing customer loyalty and profitability.

The biggest mistake companies do is to have a bunch of 50k former customers who have given the consent to receive email communication. The second biggest mistake is failing to realize that email is a 1-1 communication, and content can be unique to every customer. Sending relevant and personalized information, offers and images to the users can be VERY profitable! Additionally, relevant and targeted content also increase customer loyalty and decreases the likelihood of unsubscribes and complaints.

Throughout the years, I've been working with some of Scandinavia's largest and most well-known organizations, advising on a strategic level of companies whose member base been 10m+ active subscribers.

I have also developed many bridges to integrate customer information with various external sources in order to automate highly relevant emails, both campaigns (to thousands of people at once), as well as a trigger / action-based emails (order confirmations, forgot password, happy birthday, reminders, we miss you, etc).

We all dislike spam, and I also dislike spammers to the extent that I refuse to work with them (putting it very mildly).
Additionally, I also decline clients whose strategy is buying/selling lists (co-regs, etc), using email as acquisition marketing, even if all these methods are legally ok. Email is made for retention and relevant 1-1 communication, and this is what I'm working with!

Identifying customer groups
Test groups
Goals for various groups

A famous Swedish saying, directly translated by myself, is: "You should speak with farmers in farmers way, and with the educated in Latin". It means that one should adjust the message to your audience.
Segmentation is breaking down something large to smaller and more tangible parts and handle each part separately. Some examples of segmentation could be:

  • Geographical segmentation - For example to offer a certain type of clothes to customers in warmer climate and warmer to customers in a colder climate.
  • Market segmentation - Company customers or individuals. If you have a wide product offering, segmenting on which type of product the customer uses are also very lucrative.
  • Demographic segmentation - Such as age, gender, income, profession etc.
  • Cultural segmentation - Some products, colors or similar can be effective or offensive in certain cultures.

In the end, the above is "profile-based marketing", which is the term for using customer data in order to tune the offer to fit the customer. This is one of the most effective marketing methods there is.

Additionally, for testing new strategies, temporary and random segments can be created, to which you communicate in the new way and measure the response rate of the new communication method.

Through third-party

Web design
Web Design
User Interface Design
Responsive Design
Social Media
Social Media Strategy
Paid Search
Paid Search Strategy
Paid Search Management
Google AdWords
Other PPC Options

Continous Services & Support

Maintenance & Term Commitments

"Help me help you!". If you need anything from continuous maintenance to a hardcore developer available a couple of hours per month? Then this package is ideal for you! By reserving me a few hours per month, I can more easily plan my time, and in return, I offer my whole range of services at a reduced rate!

Web Hosting

I have a dedicated server where I offer to place my client’s projects that we create, assuming that the solution does not interfere with the operations of the server.
I do not accept customers who solely wish to be hosted on the server.